Warranty Registration

Retrofit Kit Registration Form

To activate the Retrofit Kit Limited Warranty, the Retrofit Kit must be registered with the cart on which it is installed. For most retrofits or additions, the only information needed is the PO and Howard Order number for the retrofit kit, the facility name, contact information of the technician performing the retrofit, and cart serial number being retrofitted. For Power System Retrofits, both the cart and Power System's serial number must be registered.

The cart's serial number is a 10-digit number located on the lower rear over of the cart. the Power System's serial number is an 18-digit alpha-numeric number located on the back of the power system module. Both serial numbers may be scanned into the registration form.
* Indicates Response Required
* Facility
* Contact Name
* Contact Number
* Date
* PO #
* Howard Order #
You may upload Excel spreadsheets saved as CSV (Comma Delimited) containing a list of cart and power system serial numbers:


Cart Serial           Power System Serial
012598-3211      9829BY0SM65281259
012599-3211      9829BY0SM65286443
CSV File to upload:

You may manually enter or scan the cart and power system serial numbers (if applicable) into the fields below:

Cart Serial #Power System Serial #

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