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Speciality Printers

Patient and asset tracking.

Patient identification is key to any healthcare environment. Howard Medical offers labeling solutions to meet your point-of-care needs.

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Now hospitals have a quick, reliable way to accurately print color-enhanced labels that will not smear. Print pharmacy compounding labels, wristbands, specimen collection labels, and more with Epson printers.

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Patient safety demands accurate identification of both patients and samples. Accurate sample identification and management processes need to begin at the patient bedside. The greater the time or distance between when a sample is drawn and when it is identified, the greater the chance for error. With Intermec rugged mobile printers, healthcare providers can record and label specimens, blood bags, and medications right at the point of care.

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Zebra Technologies

With the goal to streamline supply chain processes and reduce overall healthcare costs, our solutions make it possible to automate management systems, track patient progress, and improve responsiveness of healthcare providers. Zebra's healthcare tools also enhance clinical performance and improve the delivery of care.

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Print from anywhere.

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HP Portable Printers

Printer to go

The smooth running of any healthcare organization relies on the seamless flow of critical information, automatically routed to where it needs to be at any given point. With documents arriving at healthcare providers from many different sources (sometimes in digital form, sometimes on paper,) information management can be a labor-and paper-intensive job. With HP workflow solutions, you can automate these paper-intensive workflows. This can mean lower costs, reduced administrative burden, and less scope for human error.

HP Portable Printers

Ultra-rugged, compact, and high volume mobile printing.

OKI Portable Printers

OKI Portable Printers

The ultimate mobile printing solutions

OKI and Howard Medical provide healthcare organizations, hospitals, laboratories, and pharmacies with comprehensive solutions to help them improve their business processes and overcome key challenges. OKI solutions support fast and easy integration into a variety of Hospital Information Systems' platforms, thus improving the overall efficiency of operations and ensuring the most productive use of technology.

Brother Portable Printers

Brother Portable Printers

Space Saver

The urgency to implement Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems is a sea of change for today's healthcare providers. All have a growing need to convert documents to electronic files. While this facilitates information sharing, maintaining patient security and HIPAA compliance remains a challenge. Brother has a range of products and services that can address these concerns at the front desk, in the back office, in the lab, or at point of care.

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