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Medical Grade Keyboards & Mice

Eliminate infections.

Howard Medical is proud to partner with Seal Shield and Man & Machine to bring you the best in washable keyboards and mice for safe patient care in an environment that requires antimicrobial equipment.

Keyboards and Mice 1

Keyboards and Mice

Medical-grade, hygienic, & cleanable

Whether your challenge is dirt or durability, blood or bacteria, coffee or coughing, Man & Machine's liquid resistant, 100% latex-free, rugged, silicone base keyboards and mice are engineered to withstand environmental hazards in all workplace settings.

Keyboards and Mice 2

Keyboards & Mice

Prevent infection. Save lives.

The Seal Shield patent pending waterproof technology is employed in numerous electronic products including keyboards, mice, TV remote controls, and other common touch devices. Additionally, our products contain a silver based antimicrobial fungistatic additive which protects the products from mold, mildew and the spread of microbial bacteria and viruses on the products' surfaces. The result of this combination of technology is products which are fully washable and antimicrobial.

Standard Keyboards & Mice

Keyboards & Mice 3

Keyboards & Mice


The Logitech for Business is the budget-friendly keyboard that's built to last. You'll enjoy a comfortable and quiet typing experience thanks to the low-profile keys that barely make a sound, and a full size standard layout. Logitech has met and surpassed Microsoft's recent mouse technology innovations by introducing the most versatile mouse sensor on the market in its new Performance Mouse MX.

Keyboards & Mice 4

Keyboards & Mice

Sturdy, robust design

The Dell Business Keyboard has a sturdy, robust design with a mid-profile keycap for great typing experience, quiet acoustics and durability for daily business usage. The Dell Mouse is a stylish, high-precision wireless mouse with a long battery life. The wireless connection through Bluetooth 3.0 helps provide users with a clutter-free mouse solution.

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