Cart Benefits for IT Professionals

Cart Benefits for IT Professionals

IT professionals have needs. They need their equipment to work well; they need the flexibility to change and upgrade, and they need support if and when issues arise. IT professionals need Howard Medical. Here are a few reasons why.

Benefits for IT Professionals

"Howard Medical wants to make your job easier."

  • Open Platform | Howard Medical carts' open platform allows for the seamless integration of Howard solutions with other-branded products; of existing technology with future solutions.
  • Status Indicator | The easy-to-read battery status indicator provides real-time updates on the battery's status, with audible alarms to signal a low power reserve.
  • Cable & Cord Management | For convenience, our carts feature an integrated cable management compartment where excess cabling and power adapters can be stored in a tangle-free configuration.
  • Tool-less Battery Replacement | Changing the battery in a Howard cart is a quick and easy, no-tool process that takes less than 3 minutes-another example of cutting-edge design that saves you time!
  • Support | Howard Medical's standard warranty is best-in-class, and backed by a US-based team of experts that are available 24/7 to answer your questions about the product, hardware setup, or installation, with telephone hold times of typically less than 1 minute!
  • Stability | We're here to stay! Howard Medical's parent company, Howard Industries, was established in 1968, and has grown to become a billion dollar company. The resilience and adaptability that have enabled this company to survive, and to thrive, remains our best guarantee for success in the future.

Point-of-Care Carts

Point-of-Care Carts

The Benefit Highlights

What can Howard do for you?

  • Simple to upgrade
  • Easy-to-read status indicator
  • Convenient to operate
  • Uncomplicated maintenance
  • Technical support
  • Company stability

Make the most of your wall mounted computing station with specialized accessories. From locks and liquid resistant, 100% latex-free, rugged, silicone base keyboards to bar code readers that ensure fast, accurate data input, we have what you need to make your job easier.

Our wall mounted articulating arms provide caregivers with a fully adjustable, ergonomic workstation, one that can be positioned for optimal viewing and usage.

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