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Make your job so much easier with our medical carts.
"Make your job so much easier with our medical carts."

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We've designed our carts with the healthcare setting clearly in mind; with a range of features expressly integrated to ease workloads for nurses and other healthcare professionals, as well as to enhance patient care.Howard Medical's point-of-care carts, including the HI-Mobile, HI-Care, and HI-Prodigy, can be used in a variety of applications.
Paired with a computer-based EMR system, a Howard medical cart makes the ideal mobile charting station—one that ie easily maneuvered within the confines of individual rooms for bedside charting of patient progress and critical documentation. Additionally, the convenience of instant access to patient records, along with built-in decision support tools, saves time and increases accuracy. Howard Medical also offers a selection of lockable, wall-mounted charting stations to satisfy security and size requirements.

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