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Here are a few of our frequently asked questions.
Question: Is the HI-Prodigy cart hard to clean?
Answer: No. Hard external surfaces make the HI-Prodigy cart extremely easy to clean and maintain, using a variation of bleach, water, or mild commercial abrasives.

Question: Will I be able to integrate future hardware on the HI-Prodigy?
Answer: Yes. Our carts have been designed so that it's easy to upgrade as your needs change.

Question: Can I get carts in a color of my choice?
Answer: Yes. Since color plays an important role in cart configuration, we have designed our entire cart family using several accent colors. Choose the one you like best or provide us with a specific Pantone color for a quantity of 25 or more. Then, we'll add your custom color to your new carts.

Question: Is the HI-Prodigy cart difficult to maneuver?
Answer: No. The HI-Prodigy cart's small footprint and ergonomically sound design make it easy to maneuver in and around very small spaces.

Question: How hard is it to change a battery?
Answer: Not hard at all. The battery can be changed in under 3 minutes without any tools.

Question: Do I have to use a certain computer with Howard carts?
Answer: No. The greatest convenience of out HI-Prodigy carts is the ability for you to continue using the notebook brand of your choice. Our carts can be integrated with thin clients, notebooks, and tablets from industry-leading manufacturers such as Howard, Dell, HP, Panasonic, Wyse, and many more.

Question: What kind of warranty comes with this cart?
Answer: Every time you purchase a Howard cart in the U.S. you receive a Standard Limited Warranty, which includes the following support program:
  • 3 Years on Mechanical Components
  • 3 Years on Electrical Components
  • 2 Years on Battery Defects*
  • 2 Years on Battery Performance*

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