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Howard Medical has worked with Clinicians and IT Professionals to come up with a variety of software offerings, which are developed to help make your job easier. We offer three software packages that can be used to monitor and manage our power systems: Clinical Assistant, Power Display, Power System Remote Monitoring. We also offer software that can be used to monitor and manage your storage: Med Display Lite.
Power Monitoring
Clinical Assistant
Is a versatile software application that functions with Power Display software and helps to obtain the best service life from batteries used in Howard Medical carts. It is targeted for use by nursing/clinical staff. An intuitive graphical interface displays the charge status (charging/discharging) and the battery capacity remaining, which are typically the essential parameters required for monitoring the battery status.
Power Display
Is a browser-based application which monitors the cart's power system and can be used to display its status. It is primarily aimed at fulfilling the technician's needs to monitor and troubleshoot the power system.
Power System Remote Monitoring (PSRM)
Is an enterprise-level device monitoring, control and inventory application. This web-based application allows you to monitor and control up to 2,500 devices from a single console. PSRM communicates with the Power Display service running on the Howard Cart to relay power system data to a central PSRM server. The PSRM server provides a web interface into the data, so that the entire fleet of carts can be monitored from anywhere on the network.
Medication Administration
Med Display Lite
Is a simplified version of Med Display, for use on carts that are equipped with Basic Electronic and Electronic Locking (ELS) systems. It is used to maintain and editable database of users and associated user IDs in the cart. Med Display Lite is also used to configure cart settings related to the locking system, and has customizable password and security features.

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