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Wireless Bar Code Scanner

Make your job easier, and ensure fast, accurate data input with a wireless bar-code scanner.
Fixed Bar Code Scanner

Add a fixed-mount bar code scanner to your cart for maximum productivity in high volume settings.
BP Monitor Mount

Our Howard designed universal pole mount allows you to add an NIBP monitor, and accommo-
dates most brands and models.
Dual-Monitor Mount

Our dual LCD mount supports up to 20 lbs, and swivels and tilts to suit your specific vision needs.
Notebook Security Shroud

For extra protection, slip on this lockable, security sleeve.
Sani-wipes Holder

Keep hygienic Sani-wipes close at hand. This holder accommo-
dates all models that include appropriate mounting brackets.
Sharps Container Holder

Ensure quick and easy access to a sharps container at all times with this ideal bracket. Available in small and large sizes.
Small Form Factor Mount

Perfect for keeping your computer up and out of the way. Fits computers 2.8"-5" thick and 10.8"-18" long.
Halogen Lamp

Halogen lamps can provide the extra light you need for reading labels and updating charts in dimly lit settings.
Universal Doc Scanner Arm

Ideal for use with a document scanner.

Connect to even more of your favorite accessories with an extra 4 port USB 2.0 hub.
USB Wireless Adapter

Connect to any wireless access point with a new USB wireless adapter.
Wire Basket Depot

This durable little extra saves you time by keeping all your support materials within easy reach. Available in small and large sizes.
Cup Holder

Our cup holder mounts are sized small or large, and compatible with cup sizes ranging from 1 to 4 ounces.
Mini Waste Bin

Keep your work surface clean by disposing of non-hazardous waste in an easy-to-reach mini bin.
Storage Drawer Dividers

Keep everything organized and in place with handy storage drawer dividers.
Pole Mount

Our Howard designed Universal pole mount allows you to add an NIBP monitor, and accommodates most brands and models.
IV Pole

Ensure safe transport for intravenous fluids or specialty pharmaceuticals by adding an adjustable IV pole.

Choose the keyboard that suits you best. We have full-size and compact keyboards, backlit keyboards, sealed and washable keyboards, all types and all brands.

We offer a mouse selection that includes optical, laser, sealed, and washable in all brands and colors.
Hand Sanitizer Bracket

This convenient bracket keeps hand sanitizer within easy reach, without taking up valuable work area.
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