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Howard's Exceptional Nursing Documentation Cart

The Howard HI-Care provides the ultimate medical cart experience–from its large, adjustable work surface and unique cable management system to its near-silent, height adjustment for ideal height positioning. Our HI-Care cart has been engineered and designed to create the perfect balance between stability and small footprint, which allows it to be expertly maneuvered in and around the tightest spaces. In addition, the HI-Care is built for maximum durability, to withstand daily use in even the most demanding environments.

System Benefits

  • Adjustable Monitor | Our medical carts feature a mounting platform for your computer that allows you to tilt and adjust your monitor easily to meet specific vision needs. Designed for bifocal wearers or anyone prone to end-of-day eye strain, the HI-Care enables you to reduce overhead glare with one simple movement, keeping eye strain to a minimum. Adjusting the monitor also facilitates easy navigation during transport times.
  • One-touch Height Adjustment | The work surface on our carts can be easily adjusted for use while sitting or standing with the simple touch of a button.
  • Flexibility | The HI-Care cart is built with what we term the "future ready" concept, in that you can easily and cost effectively upgrade it as your needs change.
  • Ease of Movement | Because of its small footprint and dual-wheel, low-friction, 360° swivel casters, the HI-Care can be moved easily, requiring only 1.5 lbs of force.
  • Wrap-Around Steering | Navigating the HI-Care cart is made easier with the 270° ergonomically-designed steering handle.
  • Lockability | A locking work surface secures your PC, helping to prevent theft and tampering.

Cart Options

Howard Medical's carts are designed and built with a concept we refer to as "future-ready", in that they allow you the flexibility of choosing a cart with only the components you need today, while preserving your option to add equipment as needs change in the future. Choose from four different models:
  • LCD
  • Laptop
  • Powered
  • Non-Powered
Need more information? Our sales professionals can help. call us today. toll-free (877) 856-6441 Looking to upgrade your equipment? From consultation and procurement to installation, think Howard! Want and easier way to care for patients? Reduce legwork by keeping all your support materials within reach. Do you need a better way to stay organized? Configure your HI-Care with easily accessible storage drawers.

Beneficial IT Features

IT professionals need equipment that works well; they need the flexibility to change and upgrade, and they need support, if and when issues arise. IT professionals need Howard Medical.

Beneficial Clinician Features

We’ve designed our carts with the healthcare setting clearly in mind, with a range of features expressly integrated to ease workloads for clinicians and enhance patient care.
PC Compartment
PC Compartment
The PC compartment was designed to offer the utmost protection against theft or tampering. The top of the work surface can be removed easily to install a notebook or tablet, and it comes equipped with 6 AC plugs, as well as a cable management compartment. Our carts can be integrated with notebooks or tablets from manufacturers such as Howard, HP, Dell, Panasonic, Wyse and more.
Work Surface
Work Surface
The work surface of our HI-Care medical cart is almost 2 sq. ft., making it one of the largest available. Made of high-impact Polyphenylene Oxide(PPO) with added anti-microbial surface protection, this lockable work surface is extremely durable and highly resistant to scratching and fingerprints. It can be disinfected easily using a chlorine bleach solution or removed for auto-clave disinfection.
Tool-less Battery Replacement
Tool-less Battery Replacement
Our HI-Care carts epitomize functional simplicity, from one-touch height control, and adjustable monitors to tool-less battery replacement. That's right! Changing the battery is a quick and easy, no-tool process that takes less then 3 minutes–cutting-edge design that saves you time.
Height Adjustment
Height Adjustment
We understand that not everyone is a standard height, and we kept that in mind when designing the HI-Care cart. Our carts can be raised or lowered so that individual users can find the perfect working height, whether they are sitting or standing. Adjusting the work surface height is simple, requiring nothing more than the touch of a button
Status Indicator
Status Indicator
Located on the back left-hand side of the work-surface, our easy-to-read battery status indicator gives the user continuous updates on the power level of the battery. Four green lights means the cart is fully charged; one amber light indicates that battery power is at 20%, and the cart should be plugged in as soon as possible.
Ease of Movement
Ease of Movement
Moving our HI-Care carts is an almost effortless task. Thanks to their dual-wheel, low friction and precision ball-bearing casters, it takes only 1.5lbs of force to move one of our HI-Care carts. The cart's open base sits on four durable casters that swivel 360 degrees (front casters have locking capabilities.
Cable Management
Cable Management
Our unique cart design features an integrated cable management compartment on the rear of the cart, where excess cabling and power adapters can be neatly stored in a well-arranged and tangle-free configuration. This design also prevents cables from being accidentally disconnected, or from getting caught on doorknobs and other hospital equipment during transport.
Full-size Keyboard
Full-size Keyboard
While other cart manufacturers provide only a single-centered rail for their keyboard, the keyboard and mouse tray on our carts is supported by a precision ball-bearing rail system on both the right and left sides for increased stability. Our retractable keyboard tray, which measures 18"W x 7.25"D x 1.85"H, accommodates a full-size keyboard, and can be locked in the "out" position to prevent it from moving while you work.
HI-Care Features
Wrap-Around Steering Handle
Wrap-Around Steering Handle
The HI-Care's 270 degree, ergonomically designed handle makes steering it a breeze. While most carts have only one small handle, our cart handle is easily accessible from multiple sides. This allows busy healthcare workers to grab the cart quickly, without having to stop to locate the handle.
Bifocal Friendly
Bifocal Friendly
Understanding the customer's needs is important to us. For this reason, our LCD carts feature a monitor arm that allows the monitor to be moved closer in or farther away, tilted, or otherwise adjusted for optimum viewing. This design benefits bifocal wearers, or anyone prone to end-of-day eyestrain, and ensures that the critical data you work with is easy for you to see.
Small Footprint
Small Footprint
Howard Medical realizes that cart size is critical. Our HI-Care carts were engineered to create the ideal balance between a small footprint and stability. With dimensions of 17.25"W x 20"D, each cart base is perfectly proportioned in relation to overall cart size for easy maneuverability.
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