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At Howard Medical, we've designed our carts with the healthcare setting clearly in mind, with a range of features expressly integrated to ease workloads for healthcare professionals and to enhance patient care. Engineered to meet the
very specific requirements of the healthcare industry and built for durability, our HI-Care cart makes the ideal workmate. It can be used in a variety of applications, including bedside charting/documentation and medication administration at the point-of-care.

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HI-Care Cart Features

HI-Care Battery Status Indicator
1. Battery Status Indicator
  • Gives user real-time updates on the status of the cart battery
  • Color LED for easy reading
  • Audible alarm (can be silenced) for low battery

HI-Care Lockable PC Compartment
2. Lockable PC Compartment
  • Compatible with Tier-One PC manufacturers
  • Supports notebooks, small form factor, ultra small form factor, and thin client computing devices
  • Aluminum base acts as a heat sink

HI-Care Work Surface
3. Work Surface
  • 2ft² of usable surface (largest in industry)
  • Translucent cover to protect documents
  • Raised edges to protect from spills

HI-Care Ergonomic Steering
4. Ergonomic Steering
  • 270-degree wrap-around handle
  • Easy to grab from any direction
  • Soft start/stop

HI-Care Full-size Keyboard
5. Full-size Keyboard
  • Precision ball-bearing rail system
  • Retractable keyboard tray accommodates a full size keyboard
  • Can be locked in the out position to prevent movement while working

HI-Care Power System Air Filter
6. Power System Air Filter
  • Reusable air filter to minimize dust intake into the power system
  • Washable

HI-Care Locking Casters
7. Tool-less Battery Replacement
  • Less than 2 minutes to change the battery
  • No tools required
  • Easy access panel

HI-Care Locking Casters
8. Bi-focal Friendly
  • Monitor can be moved closer in or farther away and tilted up and down for optimal viewing
  • Folds down for unrestricted forward view when moving

HI-Care Locking Casters
9. Height Adjustment
  • Ranges from 32.75" to 47.50"
  • One touch adjustment
  • Soft start/stop

HI-Care Locking Casters
10. Cable and Cord Management
  • Cable management box with 6 AC outlets
  • Concealed storage for cables and power adapters
  • 8 ft coiled hospital-grade power cord

HI-Care Locking Casters
11. Steer Assist Technology (optional)
  • Prevents rear wheels from swiveling while turning
  • Minimizes force required to turn moving cart
  • Auto-activates after sensing cart is in motion

HI-Care Locking Casters
12. Locking Casters
  • Open architecture wheelbase for stability
  • Casters swivel 360 degrees for optimum maneuverability
  • When cart is not in motion, the two front casters can be locked for added stability

HI-Care Call outs
  • 1 Battery Status Indicator
  • 2 Lockable PC Compartment
  • 3 Work Surface
  • 4 Ergonomic Steering
  • 5 Keyboard Tray
  • 6 Power System Air Filter
  • 7 Battery Compartment
  • 8 Adjustable LCD Arm
  • 9 Height Adjustment
  • 10 Cable Management Box
  • 11 Steer Assist Technology
  • 12 Locking Casters



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