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In 1968, a young Billy W. Howard Sr. left his successful career at General Electric to return to his native Mississippi and create his own company, Howard Industries. Over the next three decades and with the assistance of his wife, Linda, Howard Industries has grown to become a $500-million dollar company consisting of five separate divisions plus a wholly-owned subsidiary, Howard Transportation. While the Howards readily attribute their success to the hard work of their employees and their commitment to creating, supplying, and supporting superior products and services, you cannot overlook their inspiration.

Billy and Linda Howard

CEO and President

Howard Industries, Inc.

About Howard Medical

Howard Medical is an elite manufacturer and distributor of revolutionary point-of-care medication carts, wall-mounted workstations, and patient bedside technologies. Our commitment to providing best-in-class healthcare solutions has resulted in several cart-engineered innovations that have been adopted as industry standards. This attention to detail and to the needs of nurses and other clinicians enables us to provide our customers with real-world solutions that increase efficiency, faciliate care planning and promote patient safety. In addition, we work closely with our healthcare customers to provide the customized technology necessary to ensure compliance with new regulations and performance guidelines. Whether large or small, single site or multi-location facilities, Howard Medical has the knowledge and resources to assist healthcare workers in meeting industry challenges, so they can focus on what matters most—patients.

Best-in-Class Products

  • Point-of-Care Carts and Medication Dispensing Carts: Our ergonomically-friendly designs can handle any workflow. Engineered to withstand the rigors of one of the harshest work environments, our carts will make your very difficult job, easier.
HI-Care 2-Tier
HI-Care 4-Tier
HI-Paradigm 3-Tier
HI-Paradigm 6-Tier
HI-Pinnacle Model 15
HI-Pinnacle Model 45
Transfer Carts
Med Hub

  • Wall Cabinets: Created to accent your hospital with warmth and richness, Howard Medical wall cabinets are customizable in both form and functionality. In-room and hallway options allow you to design based on your requirements.
Custom Cabinets

  • Workstation Arms: We kept ergonomics and functionality at the forefront in our arm offering. With such innovations as a dry erase writing surface and lockable height-adjustment, the Howard Medical Arms package is backed by an industry-best warranty.
Falcon LITE
Condor LITE

  • Technology: We've partnered with the best of the best, Tier 1 companies to offer a lineup of computing devices, scanners, printers, and other technology unmatched by any other point-of-care company in the industry.

Best-in-Class Services

The Howard Medical Professional Services Team is an industry-leading service provider, with Technical Specialists nationwide and a successful history of serving clients for more than a decade. In the world of healthcare, the demand for excellence in service is a constant challenge. Howard Medical is ready to assist you in meeting that challenge and exceeding industry requirements.

  • In-Factory Integration
  • On-Site Setup and Integration
  • Training Solutions
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Premier On-Site Fleet Support
  • Battery Replacement
  • Arm/Wall Mount Installation
  • Equipment Cleaning/Disinfection
  • Removal/Recycling of Old Equipment
  • Network Consulting
Best-in-Class Services


ISO 9001:2008 ISO 14001:2004

Our Partners

Our superior product line does not end with our carts, wall-mounted workstations, and cabinets. Allow Howard Medical to be your complete point-of-care solutions provider with our partners.

Our Partners
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  • Howard Medical | 36 Howard Drive | Ellisville, MS 39437
  • Phone | (877) 856-6441
  • Fax |(601) 399-5060