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HI-Core All-In-One

The HI-Core cart line is the innovative blending of convenience, customization, quality engineering, and affordability. Lightweight and easy to maneuver, this ergonomically designed line of carts sets the standard for mobility in point-of-care. All HI-Core carts can be easily configured as powered or non-powered.

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  • Compact and efficient; provides the ultimate in HI-Core carts
  • PC is located inside of the monitor providing space for the slimline keyboard
  • Cables and power bricks stowed under flip-up work surface
  • Spacious work surface with integrated push handles
  • *Adding a Cybernet PC to this configuration is a complete, hot-swappable economic solution


  • Cart Footprint (21.1" W X 20.8" D)
  • Sit/Stand Work Surface with assisted Lift Height Adjustment (32.9" to 44.9")
  • Lift assist button conveniently located on the right side of the cart; also has vertical height adjustment
  • VESA monitor mount has tilt, swivel, and vertical height adjustment capabilities
  • Writing Surface (21.1" W x 17.6” D)
  • (4) 5” Dual Wheel Premium Casters (2 Front Casters Lockable)
  • Cart Weight Powered 111lbs; Non-Powered 92lbs
  • LCD Size Support (in) 22.0”
  • LCD Weight Support 20lbs


Wireless Barcode Scanner

Make your job easier and ensure fast, accurate data input with a wireless bar-code scanner.

Fixed Barcode Scanner

Add a fixed-mount bar code scanner to your cart for maximum productivity in high volume settings.


This durable basket saves you time by keeping all your support materials within easy reach.

Sharps Container

Sharps containers in multiple sizes provide convenient and safe storage for sharps.

Glove Box Holder

Keep a box of gloves close by with this handy bracket.

Cup Holders

Put cups within easy reach with cup holders in various cup sizes ranging from 1 to 4 ounces.

Sani-wipes Holder

Keep hygienic sani-wipes close at hand. This holder accommodates all models that include appropriate mounting brackets.

Purell Holder

Convenient Purell bracket can be mounted in multiple configurations.

Hand Sanitizer

Mount a large bottle of hand sanitizer with this handy bracket.

IV Pole

Ensure safe transport for intravenous fluids or specialty pharmaceuticals by adding an adjustable IV pole.

Wireless Antenna

Enhance the wireless capabilities of your cart with a single or dual wireless antenna.

Mini Waste Bin

Keep your work surface clean by disposing of non-hazardous waste in an easy-to-reach mini bin.


Choose the keyboard that suits you best. We have full-size and compact keyboards, backlit keyboards, sealed and washable keyboards, all types and all brands.


We offer a mouse selection that includes optical, laser, sealed and washable in all brands and colors.


  • Multiple storage options
  • Security Storage Options include
    • Non-Locking
    • Keyed Lock
    • Keypad Lock
  • Tiers
    • (2) Single-Tier Drawers
    • (1) Two-Tier Drawers
    • Hangdown Drawer


Howard Medical carts are designed around a high quality, hospital-grade power system-the PowerMax150. It is an extremely efficient 3-in-1 system, in which a single modular unit performs the separate tasks of an inverter, battery charger, and isolation transformer. The PowerMax150 is compatible with both Lithium Iron Phosphate and Sealed Lead Acid battery chemistries, a versatility that enables you to choose one battery type and, later, change to another. Switching from SLA to Lithium technology is a simple, no-tool process that can be completed within a matter of minutes—another example of cutting-edge design that saves you time and money.


Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries offer a powerful combination of performance, reliability, and safety. Paired with Howard Medical's PowerMax150 power system, each 40Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate battery can deliver up to 2500 cycles while retaining at least 80% of rated capacity, providing 10 times that most SLA batteries. They charge fast and contain no heavy metals, making them safe to manage throughout the battery's life.

  • Long battery life; High cycle life
  • Fast charging smart battery (100% recharge in about 2 hrs)
  • Durable & safe
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • High energy density / light weight (14lbs)
  • Green environmental choice



Howard Medical's family of software tools can enhance the functionality of your mobile cart fleet by simplifying management and monitoring. Complete enterprise level fleet management tools provide meaningful data to optimize cart utilization and performance. The MobileCARE suite contains three software elements: MedCARE, LifeCARE and FleetCARE.

MedCARE consists of four individual elements working together to allow efficient management and monitoring of the Howard Medical cart locking system. They provide local and remote management of user IDs and locking system parameters, allowing fleet level access control. Auditing tools also log access to the med drawer system and provide detailed tracking information.

Med Display allows the user to fully control, update and administer all of the cart's electronic drawer functions from the local PC. It also syncs data from individual carts across the network and returns the data to Med Manager.

Med Manager combines the cart administration features from Med Display with the ability to remotely manage and update carts. This component runs as a web service, allowing easy access by an administrator anywhere on the network. Carts are automatically added to Med Manager as they join the network and report their status and updates back to the server.

Med Audit allows the administrator or designated user to store and retrieve comprehensive drawer access data from all carts on the network. The data provides valuable information on cart usage and access history, and aids in reducing medication dispensing errors. Med Audit data is backed up to Med Manager for long-term storage.

OneClick is a simple, one-button user interface that will allow a user to access med drawers without supplying a specific ID. This application is userful in environments where desktop permissions are used to govern carts. OneClick creates an audit log containing the Windows user name, client machine name, unlock time and relock time.


Howard Medical's family of software tools can enhance the functionality of your mobile cart fleet by simplifying management and monitoring. Complete enterprise level fleet management tools provide meaningful data to optimize cart utilization and performance. The MobileCARE suite contains three software elements: MedCARE, LifeCARE and FleetCARE.

LifeCARE enhances the functionality of Howard Medical's PowerMax 150 power system. The software includes three applications that supply varying degrees of functionality, ranging from a simple on-screen battery level fuel gauge to comprehensive enterprise level remote management and alerts.

Clinical Assistant displays precise battery levels on the PC screen in a concise, non-intrusive manner. Customizable charging and battery notifications help ensure a long battery life. The program also features an optional Windows overlay mode, allowing Clinical Assistant to provide power data atop other applications, and adjustable Min/Max charge level indicators to gently encourage good charging behavior.

Power Display reocrds cart battery levels, charging data, and event alarms. This feature runs as a web service, making it a vital tool for cart optimization. Power display logs history from different data points and can send emails to six different individuals or email groups when any of those data points report concerning information, also determined by the user.

Power System Remote Monitoring (PSRM) software provides fleet level power monitoring, troubleshooting and inventory management for Howard Medical Carts. PSRM monitors all Howard cards on your network, recording live power data and generating alarms. PSRM works with Power Display software and Mobile Fleet Management, to take data from each individual card and group it with all carts so facilities can see data on the overall performance of the fleet. This Data is presented in real-time dashboards, as well as comprehensive reports and alarms.

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