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Cygnus M1622
This unit is perfect for private rooms and anywhere space is a premium. This cabinet can hold a 3" ring binder.
Cygnus M2722
This 4" deep unit holds two 3" binders with a large writing surface.
Cygnus M3628
Our new design is only 3-1/2" deep! Perfect for hallways where space is a premium.
Cygnus M7100
This unit is designed for laptop computers. Our DockMaster option allows the laptop to be securely attached to the door yet easily removed.
Cygnus M7116
At only 16" wide and 4" deep, this unit is designed for areas where space is extremely limited. Perfect for tablets or small laptops.
Cygnus M7132
This unit is similar to our M7100 except 8" wider for additional workspace.
Cygnus M7231
Designed for small form-factor computers, the M7231 is only 32" W x 27" H x 4"D.
Cygnus M7232
Just like our 7231 except a little wider at 32".
23 Found (showing 1 -8)
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